Bathroom Backsplash

When planning your bathroom design, an integral part of the overall appearance is the backsplash. With today’s tile options, backsplashes can be works of art (almost). Without question, they can be gorgeous as well as functional.

Bathroom backsplashes can be grand expressions with large tiles that create a big impression, or they can be small, like penny tiles (don’t be confused by the name, penny tile merely indicates the size of the circle; the tile can be any color and its visual impact gigantic). Backsplashes can be geometric shapes or interesting cuts that intrigue, too.

Bathroom backsplashes can run from the countertop or spa to the ceiling, or and extend only a few inches above them. The decision may be driven by the size of space we’re working with, other physical and visual elements in the room, or simply your personal preference. If you need guidance, we have experts to help you make a smart and satisfying choice, too.

Whatever you decide, Raindango! Remodeling has the experience to install the tile properly with whatever grout line size and color you desire for an absolutely dazzling result. These are the details that make the difference and another aspect of our service that comprises the Raindango! Remodeling difference.


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