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It’s time to upgrade your bathroom and you wonder if what you want is possible because it involves plumbing work. Can we really move your vanity and replace a tub with a walk-in shower? In almost every case, the answer will be a resounding yes!

Raindango encourages you to talk over your dreams and desires for your bathroom with us. You may be surprised by what we can accomplish within your budget and timeframe. When remodeling a bathroom, plumbing can seemingly present the most vexing challenges, but we’ve seen it all and in most circumstances can achieve your vision.

That’s especially true if you are a flexible person when it comes to the plumbing materials used. While copper is tried and trustworthy, it is more costly and time-consuming to install, and it is not environmentally friendly to produce by any stretch. The licensed plumbers Raindango uses prefer Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) on the majority of our projects with phenomenal results. As this photo shows, it’s highly pliant allowing us to potentially use one run through studs and around most any obstacle directly to the fixture with no cutting or junctions. When using your sink, shower or spa, you won’t notice any difference. Your budget will, however, as it is very economical and quick to install.

Read this brief article to learn about the various plumbing materials options and their environmental impacts.

The Raindango team of plumbing professionals is prepared for the unexpected. At the onset of a remodel, it is not unusual to find pre-existing conditions such as leaks, mold and damaged drywall and wood. Rest assured, the plumbing and carpentry professionals will fix the leaks, replace damaged materials and eliminate the mold before proceeding with the remodel.

Raindango ensures the team of plumbing professionals we deploy possess superb carpentry skills to insure minimal impact on the existing structure, including joists and studs, while making certain the plumbing works optimally and the bathroom space is comfortable and functional.

If your dreams for your bathroom remodel are feasible, we’ll get it done. Make sure every moment you spend in your bathroom is a Wow! moment. Email Raindango! Remodelers or call us at 214-550-3400 today.


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