Bathroom Tile

Congratulations. You’re here because you know tile is a wise investment.

What’s exciting is that today, the options you have are enormous and include porcelain, ceramic, marble, glass, slate, and granite. Raindango’s tile experts can work you with on selecting the tile that meets your style and achieves the look you envision.

Have you heard about quarry tile? Always a preferred choice for commercial applications, the price point has now dropped to where homeowners can easily afford to bring this beautiful and durable option into an outdoor or indoor setting. Quarry tile comes naturally with a no-slip surface, making it a safe choice. It is also frost resistant.

And would you believe there is now a wood tile option available? We kid you not. Known as wood look tile, it takes a discerning eye to immediately recognize that the surface is actually tile and not wood. It is a perfect solution for someone who wants that wood floor appearance in a kitchen, bath or outdoor setting where wood flooring is not recommended.

For the budget constrained, there is even a ceramic tile option called Colonial Wood by Interceramic, a leading provider of quality porcelain and ceramic tile. Remarkably, the wood grain appearance is actually imprinted on the ceramic surface – infused is a more accurate term – and the bond is super-tight. You couldn’t mar this surface even if you tap danced on it. This glazed ceramic tile is available in mahogany, pecan and walnut options and can be installed outdoors or indoors. Due to its unique characteristics, it never fades, resists abrasions and wears much better than wood flooring options.

It’s your choice and we’re here to help you make. If you already know what you want, or have already purchased your tile, Raindango! would be pleased to install it for you.

Tile Installation

After removing the old floor surface, we prepare the subfloor or foundation for the new tile. For slab grade floors, a calcium chloride test is performed to ensure there is not excessive moisture in the floor. This is important and a step many flooring companies skip.

Raindango’s tile installers are true craftsmen who only do tile. They are very knowledgeable about prepping, cutting and installing tile. They take the painstaking approach of precision in all they do – absolutely no shortcuts – ensuring you of a level floor that wows. You want a zero grout line? No problem. We’re here to please you. You will marvel at the beauty and the clean lines throughout the room, even at difficult corners and where tile meets another floor surface.

For all indoor and outdoor applications, from indoor floor installs to custom detail European Shower Spa Wraps to pool decking, bring in the professionals from Raindango!

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