Cole Lowry

Partner and Co-founder


Cole is a partner and cofounder of Raindango! Remodeling. He started the business with the ideology of truly taking care of the customer. Cole has a passion for designing kitchens and bathrooms unique to the customer’s home. Many of the designs in the Raindango! portfolio, viewable in the photo galleries on this website, represent his vision and creative flair.

Cole also feels strongly that regular communication with the customer is paramount to project success and customer satisfaction. It is a rare day when his customers don’t hear from Cole.

Cole started in the remodeling business as a young man at his father’s construction company. Much of his business philosophy he gleaned from his father, who the Lowry brothers idolized. Their hope is Dad is proud of the business his sons are building.

At Raindango!, Cole coordinates the Raindango! projects and is developing new sales channels.

Cole earned a business degree from Texas College. He is an avid sports fan and is a homer for the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and the 2011 World Champion Dallas Mavericks.


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